Would you like to decorate your CBD concept store? Visually enhance your brand or point of sales? Impress friends or fool neighbours? Make a unique gift to a weed lover? Then MONA LIFA and TICKLE ANGELO are the perfect plants for you! Every home should have a plant!
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25cm Cannabis Hemp Replica Plant in Pot
Plant: 19 cm + Pot: 7 cm = Total height: 25 cm
1 Unit  @ GBP 50 [in UK plus 20% VAT]
Price includes packaging​​​​​​​
Order here: www.sugavision.shop
55cm Cannabis Hemp Replica Plant in Pot
Plant: 44.5 cm + Pot: 10.5 cm = Total height: 55 cm
1 Unit @ GBP 90 Price includes packaging​​​​​​​ 
Price excludes 20% VAT in UK
Order here: www.sugavision.shop

122cm / 4ft Bespoke, Handmade, Realistic Late Flowering Cannabis Replica Tree in Pot
1 Unit @ GBP 400 Price includes packaging.
Price excludes 20% VAT in UK
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To purchase a 4ft / 122cm SATIVA CLONE and for all other purchase enquiries or large orders please complete the form below:
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