Here you will find our stock of fake cannabis plants and products. This includes all stages of the life-cycle, from seeds and cuttings through to saplings, pre-flowers, mother plants and mature and flowering trees. We also supply the buds and bags most associated with the cannabis trade.
Please note, store visits, collections and returns are by appointment only.
Your script might require a set of small pre-flower plants or a fully functional hydroponic setup featuring all stages of cannabis maturation. We have over 500 young pre-flowering plants in our hire stock, this includes baby plants, cuttings, saplings, small and large pre-flowers and sickly plants.​​​​​​​
Our mature plants vary in height but never in photorealistic quality. Measuring between 2'6" and 5'3" tall, our stock of over 300 mature trees will cover your grow-room gorgeously – whether you're making up a smaller home-grown set up or an industrial hydroponic farm.
​​​​​​​When the script takes you through to harvest season, Sugavision has the business end of the operation sorted with set dressing and dried fake cannabis. We'll provide you with a dried harvest (before or after trimming), vacuum bags and small baggies of combustible cannabis flowers to make your production 'street-ready'.
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