Sugavision offers a bespoke props design and fabrication service, from creation and project management to delivery and set dressing before your shoot.
Emily Beecham in Little Joe (© coop99 filmproduktion)
Ben Whishaw in Little Joe (© coop99 filmproduktion)
Commission Sugavision to create fantastical plant props for your movies. In 2018, Marko Waschke designed, mass fabricated and dressed 3,250 prop plants for the hotly anticipated new sci-fi drama feature film Little Joe, by Austrian writer and film director Jessica Hausner with production designer Katharina Wöppermann and DoP Martin Gschlacht. Little Joe's red carpet premiere was celebrated In Competition at the 72nd Cannes Film Festival (2019). Emily Beecham won Best Actress for her nuanced portrayal of Alice, a 'female Frankenstein' and plant breeder, creating a cunny looking red flower with a purpose, namely, to make its owner happy!
Last year we also rose to the challenge of creating an ultra-realistic new cannabis forest for Guy Ritchie's latest gangster flick The Gentlemen (Toff Guys); working with Gemma Jackson (Game Of Thrones, Aladdin) and Martyn John (Age Before Beauty, The Last Kingdom) on this lush, contemporary studio feature film.
Sugavision specialises in finding design and fabrication solutions for concepts that require organic props, flowers, trees and other plant-life, enabling your imagination to flourish on set and blossom in front of the camera.
Little Joe - Cannes After Party Screen visual
Little Joe Props Plant
Little Joe Stage 3 - Publicity Still
Emily Beecham, Ben Whishaw & Little Joe Stage 1
Emily Beecham & Little Joe Stage 2
Little Joe Stage 3 - On Set
Little Joe Sales Stand at Marché Du Film Cannes 2019
Little Joe Publicity Still
Little Joe at Marché Du Film Cannes 2019
Little Joe Props Plant
Little Joe Props Plant
Little Joe Props Plant
Little Joe Crew at the Paint Shop
Little Joe Paint Job by Aimee
Little Joe Sleeves by Leanna
Little Joe Sleeve Protection
Little Joe Packaging
Little Joe Core Crew's 3000 Props Plants Delivery Day
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