Enquiries for hiring props
Sugavision receives many enquiries so in order to help us process yours quickly, please read the brief guide below.
Most operations of Sugavision are open for business and we are taking both sales orders and offer hire orders. Loading and unloading your props truck at our Props Store will follow strict government guidelines, including the wearing of PPE (face coverings), hand sanitisation on site and social distancing. Please be aware that lead times may be impacted on and shipping times may be affected.
Sugavision Ltd is based in South London, in the United Kingdom and we hire mostly, but not exclusively to production companies based or filming in the UK and the EU.
With over 20 years of experience in the film, television and entertainment industries, we are specialised in creating and providing legal, realistic looking and reliable cannabis replica as well as imagined and/or alien-looking floral and fruit creations. 
We understand the visual industries' specific needs; on and off set, and we have a proven track record to bringing our client's vision to life. 
Sugavision offers the full package, from design development and prototyping, project management and consulting, right through to set dressing/props styling and standing by on set.

We are gradually increasing our sale stock in line with recent enquiries. If you wish to purchase props we have on offer, please click HERE!

For PROP HIRE ENQUIRIES please complete and submit the form below.
Thank you!
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