Sugavision receives many enquiries so in order to help us process yours quickly, please read the brief guide below.
Prop Hire
We're sure you are in a hurry so please answer the following questions:

• Where is your production based? 
• What's the nature of the project (studio film, indie film, low budget film, TV drama, TV series, short film, music video, online video, photo shoot, theatre, other?) 
• Is your production insured against the loss and damage of props?
• Can you provide hire dates?

Please sign your email with a name and your full contact details to ensure our swiftest possible response.
We are gradually increasing our sale stock in line with recent enquiries. Please detail your location and its intended use, the plant's prospective height (up to 4' or 1m22) and anything else you would like us to know. 
We do not hire our plants to concert tours and public events due to the risk of loss or damage. Also, we are an inclusive and diverse company, and will not hire or sell to artists or projects that propagate hatred or violence.
APOLOGIES if you have sent us a message via the form below and have not received a prompt reply. Due to a technical glitch, your enquiry didn't reached our inbox. The fault has since been fixed. Please send us your enquiry using the form below. Alternatively send your email to:
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