LATEST NEWS: after its success at Cannes Film Festival 'LITTLE JOE' (flowers designed by Marko Waschke) screens at the bfi London Film Festival and the Viennale 2019. Theatrical releases announced in France, Germany, Austria and UK. ​​​​​​​
Sky One currently streams the comedy drama BRASSIC, featuring our film weed. 
FAMILY BUSINESS a french original series with a pot plot is out on NETFLIX.
SAVING GRACE was released 16 May 2000. Sugavision celebrates its 20th Birthday!
Little Joe Viennale Poster
Little Joes Stage 3 © coop99 Filmproduktion
Little Joe Cannes Sales Poster
Sugavision Prop Art creates and supplies ultra-realistic fake marijuana plants and specialised plant designs for film and television, education and training. The tale of our journey can be read below...
Our artificial cannabis and hemp plants are suitable for being featured in high definition, ultra high definition video, on film and analogue or digital photography. 
We are based in London, hiring out our stock to productions and projects based or working in the United Kingdom and the European Union. We currently do not hire to other countries.
These beautiful silk cannabis plants are made from carefully sourced leaves and high tech buds and flowers and are all manufactured by hand, meaning that Sugavision's artificial marijuana is the most realistic weed replica collection available in the world!
Our fake cannabis plants include the whole life-cycle of weed plants from cuttings, saplings, pre-flowers, mother plants to fully flowering plants featuring luscious buds, right through to bags of synthetic pot – all of which are suitable for full HD and 4K film shoots and high resolution photographic close-ups.
We are catering for any imaginable marijuana scenario required by production companies or imagined by a writer or director, including  sick plants, burnt plants, detachable flowering heads and special prop makes.
Sugavision's very first batch of high-quality artificial cannabis plants and buds were created by Greensmith Marko Waschke for Saving Grace and have since been featured in many movies (The Gentleman, Taxi 5, Trainspotting 2, Attack The Block, Children Of Men) and television drama series (Brassic, Sense 8, Fortitude, Casualty, Top Boy). They have also been hired for advertising campaigns, including for The Body Shop and Nikon Digital, and in education and training settings, such as the National History Museum.
We have helped create realistic environments from industrial hydroponic set-ups to home-grow operations, drawing on our 20 years of expertise as the UK's go-to cannabis props supplier dedicated to the rental of marijuana props for film and television, as well as our experience in set dressing and art direction. We understand how important it is to make the cannabis in your project as authentic as possible, and can be on hand to dress your set on the day of filming to guarantee the highest production values.
Forget acer or maple leaf lookalike plants and work with the experts in the field of marijuana props rental. Remember that although these cannabis props are incredibly realistic, they are artificial and are therefore 100% legal.
Thank you!
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